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Differential Equations/A Ricatti equation


Consider the following IVP:
y'=y^2+a(x)y+b(x)  y(x0)=y0
where the functions a and b are continuous on the open interval (a,b) that contains x0.
As you surely know, Picard's existence theorem guarantees existence and uniqueness over an interval I centered at x0 and is a subInterval of (a,b), but the size of the interval is dependent on the maximum of f(x,y)=y^2+a(x)y+b(x).
so can you help me to find the broadest existence and uniqueness (or at least just existence) interval depending on Picard's theorem (or any other one) in terms of the functions a and b.

Sincere thanks for your time and effort.

The quadratic equation would say that y = (-a(x)sqrt[a(x)-4b(x)])/2.
This says that two solutions exist where a(x) is greater than 4b(x) and
that only one solution exists where a(x) = 4b(x).

The equation a(x) = 4b(x) has a possibility of having 0, 1, or 2 solutions for x.
To get any more depth on the solution, we need to know something about a(x) and b(x).

For example, are they continuous?  Are they always positive?  
Do they oscillate between a max and min?

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