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QUESTION: I hope I am asking the right person. I read your bio and I'm still not sure. I have no idea what differential equations meansm

But regardless, my daughter seems very prone to kidney stones. The Dr has recommended a diet with no more than 1000mg of calcium.

So here's my problem: Milk has 30% calcium; based on 2000 calorie diet. So in order to find out how many mg of calcium, I need to take the 2000 and multiply times .30? Is that right? I wasn't great with math. And short of tracking down my old math teacher... I thought I'd give you a try.


ANSWER: Don't worry I've had questions on dieting, construction, moving, lifting, painting, and many others which involved math.

Yes, that is correct.  As long as she  drinks the amount that the carton suggest,
since that is how much milk that is based on.

If the suggested amount was 100 ml and she drank 50 ml, then she would get 1/2 of the amount suggested since 50 ml is 1/2 of 100 ml.

If she drank 3 100 ml glasses of milk, that would make 90% (from 30% per glass with 3 glasses).
Of course, anyone on a restricted diet should never put this much of one thing in since the diet needs to be balanced out between other calories and minerals as well.

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QUESTION: you are just so wonderful to get back to me so fast! Let me ask you one more question. How would I put 100grams into ounces and pounds? I know Cabbabge has some 30-40

You are so wonderful to get back to me so quickly. Let me ask you one more question. I know that cabbage has 35mg of calcium per ever 100 grams.
I don't know metric. How much is 100 grams in standard lbs and oz?


Well, you asked the last question at just the right time - right before I got on the PC.
I wish I could, but it usually takes a little longer before they are answered.

I found a sight that lets anything be converted.
It is http://www.onlineconversion.com/ - that's converting anything.

As far as one that does weight, it is http://www.onlineconversion.com/weight.htm

For common weight / mass conversion, use http://www.onlineconversion.com/weight_common.htm

I did 100 grams, and found that is was 3.5 ounces (to say exaclty, 3.527396195)

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