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I need to formula to calculate something like this

if I have 5000 dollars and loose 5% of it per DAY. How many days is it going to take to have 10 dollars left in my pockets.

I used powers as in 10 = 5000*.95^n and tried to find x, an got somewhere between 121 and 122.
5000    0.95    122    $ 9.58
5000    0.95    121    $10.08

First, divide by 5000 and get 0.002 = .95^n.
Then, take ln() of both sides and get ln(0.002) = n*ln(.95).
Finally, divide by ln(0.95) and get n = ln(0.002)/ln(0.95).
This gives n = 121.1582951.  That is the same as 121 days, 3 hours, and 48 minutes.
That is actually 47.94495422 minutes, but 48 is close enough.

Now interest is probably done once a day, so after 121 days, there is $10.08,
One more day puts it at $9.58.

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