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Differential Equations/differential eq in 3rd order


sherry wrote at 2012-11-08 17:10:39
i am also learning C. and i totlly agree with the answer written just above.

Differential Equations

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Dr. Nyayapati Swami


I can help you in solving first and second order differential equations. Questions must be at the Undergraduate level. Do not expect me to do all your homework.. If you have a homework question with no clues on how to go about, I will only give you some pointers on solving them.


Ph.D. in Mathematics with more than 20 years of teaching.
In addition to undergraduate calculus, I taught many more advanced subjects like Complex Analysis, General Topology, Numerical Analysis, Operations Research, Graph Theory, Mathematical Analysis, Mathematical Economics, Optimisation Theory.

Ph.D. (University of Toledo, USA)

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