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Digital Photography/which camera would suit me best


QUESTION: my purpose is learning photography , take my hobby to next step.

camera models like nikon d5100,d3200,d5200.

my interest lies in nature photography.

would like to hear respond at earliest.

i am a beginner.

ANSWER: Hey Siddharth

It is great to know that despite being an amateur with no experience, you are still interested in a DSLR. In my honest opinion, a DSLR is an investment, unlike the high zoom point and shoot cameras, with much superior picture quality and a lot of depth & soul.

Out of the models you have mentioned, i would suggest you to start with either the D5100 or D3200. The D5200 is far advanced than what you need at this point of time and much costlier. The extra money would be better spent on lenses or flash. Also, do not restrict yourself to brands, rather chose the product that offers you the best value for money & Image quality.

I would suggest you to refer or for their easy to understand and informative reviews. Please refer to the following links (Directly the Conclusion page to avoid any further confusion) for the reviews of the above mentioned models:

Canon 550D
Canon 600D
Nikon D5100
Nikon D3200
Sony A37
Sony A57

The Canons do not offer Auto Focus during Video whereas the Nikon does (though the speed is slow to the point of being useless). Both brands are almost similar in terms of features and the Canon has no AF motor problems (Nikons have AF motor in body starting D90 & above) which makes it a great camera as such.

The Sony is a technologically far more advanced camera. I am personally using an A55 ( & the gadget is simply amazing. In fact it seems tailor made for an Amateur, as it offers the following:

1. Exceptionally fast AF speeds in Live view (see-it-to-believe-it-fast). Focus peaking allows you to see exactly what is in focus by highlighting it during Manual Focus (for Videos & Photos both).
2. Near zero shutter lag (exceptionally fast shot to shot times, evenin live view).
3. The Viewfinder is an exceptionally detailed Electronic one(Nikon & Canon use Optical), which means you see exactly what would be clicked. An Optical Viewfinder shows what you see but not what you get.
4. Auto mode has huge amount of scene modes, especially for low light scenes & creative modes with ISO upto 16000 (25600 with boost)
5. Amazing High speed shooting of 7/12fps (compared to 3/4fps of Nikon & Canon)
6. Lightweight, Magnesium Alloy Body
7. Built in Stabilizer (drastically reduces cost of lenses as others have it in the lens)
8. Full HD video, with really fast focusing during the video with 15 AF points available &    option of 24p or 60p(Canon does not have AF & Nikon is painfully slow)

The Sony would give you exceptional shots every time, effortlessly, with its excellent Auto modes along with complete manual control when needed. Also, both Canon & Nikon have a mono microphone to record audio, whereas the Sony has a built in Stereo microphone, giving much better quality audio.

I hope i have been able to answer your query with a clear and simple explanation. In case anything is not clear, please feel free to write in again.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: sir i am not brand specific, and i u can refer any brand camera with better performence rom my point of view upto rs.35000 my budget.

also i have checked nikon d5200 has been announced officialy and now on nikon's site link below attached with mrp rs.46000. if available what will bw your price also mention plz.

Hi Siddharth

The Nikon D5200 has been officially launched but the stocks have not been supplied as yet. In terms of price, it would cost almost Rs.12000 more than the D5100 (prices cannot be discussed on this forum). You would be better off with the D5100 to start with, as the D5200 only offers 1 FPS faster shooting and more AF points.

In my opinion it isn't worth spending the extra money for the D5200. Considering your budget, you should look at D5100/D3200, Canon 550D/600D & Sony A37.

Go to <a href=>

The above link would have the option of selecting the ISO (set it to ISO 3200) and comparing the Image to other cameras. Compare the 3 brands by downloading the JPEG samples and you'll see the Image Quality differences. The Sony would be the best, followed by the Canon & then Nikon.

In case of any more doubts, please get in touch.



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