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Vipin Joshi wrote at 2012-12-13 13:38:39
Mr. Mehta

I would like to elaborate on the difference between the 3 models.

All three are really good cameras, but there are certain differences to set them apart. The Canons do not offer Auto Focus during Video whereas the Nikon does (though the speed is slow to the point of being useless). Both brands are almost similar in terms of features and the Canon has no AF motor problems (Nikons have AF motor in body starting D90 & above) which makes it a great camera as such.

The Canon on the other hand has twice the ISO capability (ISO 6400 vs 3200) as compared to the Nikon. The Nikon's AF motor problem means you won't be able to make full use of the 2 cheap & cheerful lenses (70-300 & 50mm f/1.8). Considering all this, the Canon would be a better choice, though not substantially so.

As for the Sony A37, it outperforms both the models by a fair margin & is the easiest to use and get excellent shots out of. Please send me the links where you've read bad reviews, or specific concerns about the Sony, so i can clarify your doubt. In fact it seems tailor made for an Amateur, as it offers the following:

1. Exceptionally fast AF speeds in Live view (see-it-to-believe-it-fast). Focus peaking allows you to see exactly what is in focus by highlighting it during Manual Focus (for Videos & Photos both).

2. Near zero shutter lag (exceptionally fast shot to shot times, evenin live view).

3. The Viewfinder is an exceptionally detailed Electronic one(Nikon & Canon use Optical), which means you see exactly what would be clicked. An Optical Viewfinder shows what you see but not what you get.

4. Auto mode has huge amount of scene modes, especially for low light scenes & creative modes with ISO upto 16000 (25600 with boost)

5. Amazing High speed shooting of 7/12fps (compared to 3/4fps of Nikon & Canon)

6. Lightweight, Magnesium Alloy Body

7. Built in Stabilizer (drastically reduces cost of lenses as others have it in the lens)

8. Full HD video, with really fast focusing during the video with 15 AF points available &    option of 24p or 60p(Canon does not have AF & Nikon is painfully slow)

The Sony would give you exceptional shots every time, effortlessly, with its excellent Auto modes along with complete manual control when needed. Also, both Canon & Nikon have a mono microphone to record audio, whereas the Sony has a built in Stereo microphone, giving much better quality audio.

I hope i have been able to answer your query with a clear and simple explanation. In case anything is not clear, please feel free to write to me.



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