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"so- I am a photo fanatic with my 3 lil ones- however- I'm finding Picasa to be there something like "CamWow" ( app for phones ) that I can
download to my desktop (no webcam)

Also is there a program you'd recommend for photo editing/movie making that is
user friendly?

Not sure I can help you.  I use Picasa for organizing all my pictures (about 30,000 so far) and for light editing tasks (cropping, red-eye removal, color correction, etc.).  It does these things very well.  For anything more complicated, I use PhotoShop Elements, which costs about $60-100.  It's a light-weight version of the full PhotoShop suite, but it does everything I need it to.

I can't speak to other programs since I don't use them.  But I know there are a lot of free editing programs - here's a link to one person's review of some contenders.  I don't know anything about CamWow...sorry.

I cannot comment on anything related to movie editing software.

I don't understand your reference to "no webcam"...not sure why that's relevant.

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I can answer questions about managing digital images/files, naming conventions, and using software packages to organize them for viewing. I can also help with questions about scanning photos, negatives or slides. I can address use of Picasa and Photoshop Elements programs.


Personal experience gained over last ten years, and in the previous thirty years in 35mm film use. I have scanned and organized thousands of images for my family.

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