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How can I save my Picasa albums to another computer?  Many thanks for your help.


I can help you, but first I need more information.

First, I want to make sure I know what you mean by "Picasa albums".  Do you mean the albums shown at the top of your library (main) view, above the People and Folders sections?  If my question isn't clear, send me a screen-shot and describe them to me.

Second, what do you want to do with the albums on the other computer?  Do you want to open them (or see them) in Picasa there, or some other program...or just back them up?

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I can answer questions about managing digital images/files, naming conventions, and using software packages to organize them for viewing. I can also help with questions about scanning photos, negatives or slides. I can address use of Picasa and Photoshop Elements programs.


Personal experience gained over last ten years, and in the previous thirty years in 35mm film use. I have scanned and organized thousands of images for my family.

BS in engineering; MS in digital mapping

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