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Hi Chuck,
I want to buy a digital camera with a shutter speed fast enough that I can capture birds and other fast moving creatures with one shot (not multiple shots).
Also I would also like it to be small so that I can carry it in my purse or fanny pack.
Thanks for your help.


This is a tough question to answer since I haven't used all the cameras that might work for you. I will recommend two websites that will be helpful, and that I use when checking out different cameras.  I can also recommend a camera I recently bought that may fit your needs.

The first website is  This site has reviews, tech information and examples of every digital camera on the market. It also has the best user forums anywhere. You can compare different makes and models, with photo samples.

The second site is  This is a huge site, with photo galleries from thousands of photographers all over the world. If you go to their main page, under "Welcome to PBase" you'll see a link titled "cameras."  Hit that link and you'll see a page with every camera brand and model ever made. If you select a brand and model, you'll be taken to galleries of sample photos taken by professional and amateur photographers. You can then visit the galleries and see exactly what that camera produces in the hands of a wide range of users. I always check that website before I buy a new camera.

I recently bought a used Lumix FZ150 to carry with me when I don't want to drag out my large DSLR cameras and lenses. It's small enough to carry in a handbag, but has a great list of features, including fast shutter speeds, HD video and the ability to shoot in both JPG and RAW image files.  I've used it for fast action shots with great results.

I hope this helps.  Good luck!

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