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Hi! If I have a Nikon D3300 (DX format camera) with a 18-55 mm kit lens (DX lens), do the crop factor (1,5x) apply here? I mean I know that, if I would use a FX lens on my camera the crop factor would apply, but since I've got a DX lens does it mean I get the same focal length as it's written on the lens? Or the crop factor apply to the DX lens to? (Sorry for overcomplicating the question)"

Hey David

Let's make it as simple as possible to avoid any confusion.

Focal lengths mentioned on all the lenses (DX & FX) are measured on a Full Frame Sensor, since crop Sensor DSLRs (or Amateur DSLRs) are a recent development and all the DSLRs were Full frame to begin with. With the advent of new crop sensor DSLRs, new lenses were introduced, specifically for them. So an 18-55 mm lens is equal to a 27-83 mm on a full frame. This is why you'll see most of the normal Full frame lenses like 28-70, 28-300, 24-70 etc.

Technically you could mount an FX lens on an DX Format DSLR, but it will be cropped by 1.5 times, which means a 24-70 lens would become 36-105, thus not remain wide enough for a DX format camera.

Using a zoom lens would extend your range, as a 70-300 lens would become 105-450 on a DX format body. Similarly, a 50 mm fixed focal length lens becomes 75 mm on a DX format body. You also have to multiply the 'f' number by the crop factor, factoring the reduced size of sensor. For example a 50 mm f/1.8 lens would effectively become a 75 mm f/2.25 on a DX format DSLR.

So you can use FX lenses on your DX body. Just remember to accommodate the 1.5x Crop factor (for both the focal length & 'f' number)and evaluate accordingly. Hope this answers your query.



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