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So I've been looking into getting a new digital camera, I've been doing some video's and its made me more interested in filming and video editing and the cameras that I have are not very good for what I want to do.
Some of the features I want / things I want to do are, Time lapses (the camera doesn't need to have this feature built in I edit them on my computer, but I need something that can take long videos at 720P or 1080P, preferably 1008P, probably 30-90 minute video's), Movie making (short films probably about 2-5 minutes but I'll probably need to shoot at least 2 hours of video probably more to make them), Optical zoom (the more the better 30X or more preferably not less than 4X), Auto focus, RECHARGABLE BATTERY (I have to have this, preferably removable to charge on a wall charger, I would like enough battery life to be able to film for 3-4 hours straight at least), and it needs to be under $200 (maybe $220), the more features the better.
If you have some ideas about good cameras that fit these parameters please let me know, thanks :)

Also I was looking at some on amazon and found these

If you could suggest one of these or a different one that would be great, thanks :)

Dear Sir,

Regret delay in response

for the specifications and requirements for a new camera for short movies the best options available are for below $200, remember for movie shoots the high zoom is not advisable as then you land up with Still features rather than the movie anyhow you may take call, in order of preference
you may buy lenses as and when you need to make the deal valuable

do let me know if you have strict budget concern will rework within the frame

Thank you and happy Shooting
Sanjay Bajaj  

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