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Hi John.....

I just put my SD card in my computer and opened it. I selected a range of pictures (842 of them) to move into Picasa. Well, that wasn't given as a choice in the dropdown menu so I chose Desktop. I thought it would put them all in a folder on the desktop of my PC. Well, I have 842 individual picture icons. Need I say more?  How in the world do I get rid of them from my desktop?  Any help is appreciated and I have already taken 2 Aleve.

This is very easy. Select the 842 JPG files and move (drag) them into some other folder, anywhere on your computer. You can do this with about 3-4 keystrokes.

I don't want to type a long awswer, esp. because there are a thousand web sites that show you how to move files. But if you need more help, I can Skype with you or call you to help. Won't take more than 10 mins.

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I can answer questions about managing digital images/files, naming conventions, and using software packages to organize them for viewing. I can also help with questions about scanning photos, negatives or slides. I can address use of Picasa and Photoshop Elements programs.


Personal experience gained over last ten years, and in the previous thirty years in 35mm film use. I have scanned and organized thousands of images for my family.

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