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My husband and myself are on long term disability,we need to sell our home because of cost and need to move closer to medical facilities.we are not trying to make a profit just trying to get out from underneath the expenses that we cannot afford,how does this work being on SSI?


First I need to clarify a few things.  First, long term disability is usually the term used to describe a personal disability policy.  I am assuming that you mean Social Security Disability, not a long term disability policy.  Next, SSI is different than SSD.  I will assume that you are correct when you say you are on SSI.

SSI is based on income and assets that you have.  There are limitations on how much you can earn, and how much you can actually have.  If you sell your house and end up putting money into savings, this could affect your ability to qualify for SSI.

My advice would be to call the social security office and explain how much money you would be putting into savings and ask them how that would affect your SSI eligibility.  Sometimes they have suggestions on items that you could spend your money on that are exempt.



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