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Hi Heather, I bought a potassium iodide supplement at the natr.path today and do not see any dosing info on it related to radiation emergency. Do you have any knowledge of i-throid? From rlc just says to take one capsule daily...I think some people use it as a supplement. I cannot find the potassium iodide pills anywhere. Any suggestions? Thanks, Joy Wentzel

Hi Joy,
here are the dosing instructions.  Of course, check with your doctor about any possible interaction with prescription meds or with medical conditions.
Take Potassium Iodide once daily: One 130 mg pill per day for Adults 18 and over and
adolescents who are adult size (including pregnant and lactating women), One
65 mg pill (or 1/2 130 mg pill) per day for children from 3 18 years of age, 1/4 of a
130 mg pill or 1/2 of a 65 mg pill (32 mg) per day for babies from 1 month through
3 years of age, and 1/16 of a 65 mg pill or 1/8 of a 65 mg pill per day for infants
birth through one month of age. This should be taken daily until significant
exposure risk no longer exists.

Print this out and keep it with the bottle with your emergency supplies.  Let's hope we don't ever need to take it!

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