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What is the best way to prepare for any major disaster?

Hi John
The best way to prepare for any major disaster is to prepare your home and family for the various disasters that may happen in the geographic location where you live.  Some areas may be prone to tornadoes, where others you are more likely to have earthquakes or wildfires.  Get familiar with the natural and man-made disasters that may happen in your part of the country, FEMA offers a lot of information about different disasters on their website, just google search it.

No matter what disaster you are preparing for, having a Grab and Go bag (in case you need to quickly evacuate), copies of all your important documents in that bag, and having at least 7 days of food and water stored in your home (in case you need to shelter in place)are the bare minimum things you would need to do to get prepared.  On my website I offer a free step by step course and a lot of information (all free) to help individuals, small groups and families go through the process of completely preparing for any disaster.  You can view that information at www.GetEmergencyPrepared.com

Thank you for taking the time to find out about disaster preparedness.

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I am an Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Instructor and I created and operate the website www.getemergencyprepared.com. My primary area of expertise is in individual and family emergency and disaster preparedness. I also have knowledge in neighborhood and organizational emergency preparedness. Ask me questions about necessary steps to take to prepare your home,family, organization or neighborhood for a multitude of natural or man-made disasters, as each possible disaster has different preparatory steps.


I have years of experience in disaster relief and search and rescue and belong to a couple of related organizations. I have taken numerous courses on the subject (some FEMA) and spent countless hours researching information on individual and family preparedness.


I have a large amount of real-life diaster preparedness experience. I teach a course on Personal Emergency Preparedness (which I created after hundreds of hours studying the subject). I have myself been directly affected numerous disasters including; hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornados, winter storms, and house fires.

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