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Hello, I'm doing a science project on natural disasters, specifically forest fires, tornadoes, floods, and avalanches. Aside from forest fires, I couldn't find many positive outcomes. I was wondering what positive effects tornadoes, floods, and avalanches can have.

I also wanted to ask about different ways you could prepare yourself/your home for the scenario of a natural disaster.

Hello Katie,
sorry this took so long to answer.
The disasters you listed do terrible damage and destruction to homes, property, infrastructure and natural habitats. So, are there any benefits to tornadoes? None that I know of, they are fierce and destroy everything in their path (the big ones). Avalanches redecorate the landscape, but in the process kill humans, animals and destroy property, I really can't see that there is any benefit to them either. Floods, historically, can be helpful, though the number of homes and towns built in flood plains usually ends up with huge property losses. However floods do redistribute soils from one location to another, and this can be very beneficial. Read up and study about ancient Egypt and the Nile River and how the annual flooding helped bring fertile soil away from the river and to areas that could be farmed, so yes, aside from massive property damage and casualties, floods can have a beneficial element to them.

If you are interested in ways to prepare for a natural disaster, FEMA has a huge amount of information on their website, so does - an entire course that will help your family get prepared.

I hope this was helpful.

Thank you

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