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QUESTION: Hello Susan,
I have questions about the World of Color Dinner Packages. I undertand that is we make WoC reservations  at Ariels Grotto, we get a WoC fastpass for the "Preferred Dining Viewing Area". I was told this tickets is basically a Blue section ticket, because you are mixed in with all the other Blue.sectiom fastpass holders, and there is no designated area for the PDVA fastpass holders. My question is, if we make WoC reservations at Ariels Grotto, and we get a "Preferred Dining Viewing Area" fastpass, will they just mix us in with all the other general Blue section fastpass holders, or do we get a specially designated area that is in the Blue section? Please help, because if it is just a general fastpass, then i dont know if i would like to do this after all. Please provide me with any information possible...Thanks! Oh and by the way, where would we line up before they actually let us in the viewing area ( i know there is an area that people line up before the designated return time so they are the first to enter when the viewing area does open) ?

ANSWER: The fast pass attached to the WoC dining reservations is for the blue section.  They can of course offer additional fast passes to those who get to the fast pass line first.   The best thing to do is line up as early as possible and try to get a spot on the railing.  They have signs posted based on the type of fast pass you have.  once they close off the area then you can line up, I would just ask a cast member during the day because I'm not sure on the exact times.   It's worth it if you want to enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants.  We did it once the first time we saw the show and now just take our chances in the fast pass line.  If you choose to get a free fast pass, you have to get there really early and there is no guarantee which viewing area you will receive.  Here is a link from Mouse Planet with some more info.

Hope that helps

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QUESTION: So basically, it wouldnt even matter if we got a Picnic deal or the Dinner plan, we will still end up with a general Fastpass...? Will they let Preferred Dining (PD) enter the viewing area before the general Blue fastpass holders or no? Its kind of hard to imagine that they did not designate a viewing area for people who got the Dinning Plan since the tickets they get do not state a general color like the other. It only says Preferred Dining Area on the fastpass. Regardless - how early before the Fastpass time window should we arrive? (And wouldnt the PD/Blue sections always be the section closest to Ariels Grotto, since PD fastpass holders are supposed to get the section that is in the center of the show? In front of Mickeys Fun Wheel?)

From my understanding, the dining plan GUARANTEES you will be in the center section while a free fast pass is first come-first serve - I'm not one who usually gets there early enough to get the passes first thing so I can't really say how good your chances would be to get a pass for the Blue section.  So I guess the dilemma is - dining is a secure way to get your fast pass while the fast pass line is luck of the draw depending what is more convenient and cost effective for you.  I hope that helps.  


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