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QUESTION: Hi Danny! I have been going to Disneyland ever since I can remember but this will be the first time for attending their Halloween party. My niece (21) and I already have tickets for October 2. I know the crowd level will still be high even if this is considered a 'private' event but how should we go about getting the best experience that day?? We want to take full advantage of the treats and rides! Are the treats special to the event too?? Thank you for your time and attention!  Naomi

ANSWER: Hello Naomi!
During the hard ticket event, Guests are allowed admission 3 hours PRIOR to the party. You will receive a bracket that states you are there for the party. About an hour before the party begins, Disneyland Cast Members will alert guests that the regular park day is coming to an end. Once the party begins, all guests who did not receive a bracelet will be escorted out. During this three hour span, get on those rides! This is a good time to hit the shops also because they have some nice Halloween merchandise on sale. Once the party begins there will be treat stations all around the park and these are super yummy! You will have an amazing time! Anymore questions, feel free to ask!

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QUESTION: You are awesome Danny!! Are these treats like trick or treat candy or confections?  Are they specific to the party itself?? Basically what I mean is, can I get these candy treats anywhere else outside of the Happiest Place?? Does the park supply us with bags to put these goodies in? If we are already inside the park before the actual 6pm party time begins, how do we get the special bracelets??
Thanks again! Naomi

Hello Naomi! These special treats are exclusive to the party, there are some candy, sweet treats (Mickey Carmel apples, popcorn balls, etc.) And there are also stands that have fruit for guests who aren't that into sweets. As to the bags, I'm not sure they will supply you with them, but there will definitely be some for sale! If you arrive three hours before the party begins, in your case, at 3:00pm, show them your tickets that you received for the party, and they will recognize it and issue you a bracelet right then and there! Hope this helps! Have a magical time at the place where memories are made and dreams come true!


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