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Hi Steve,
My wife and I are visiting Disneyland (Anaheim) for a week at the end of January 2014. We are an older couple from Australia.

Could you please help with advice for the following questions:

What could the weather be like at the end of January?
Is it a busy time for Disneyland?
Will everything be open and operating at both Disneyland and California World?
Are there any Hotels close to the entrance that we could consider staying at? It would be best for us oldies to not have too far to walk!!!!!
What is the best way to obtain tickets for Disneyland?
Are there other things that we should visit?
Is there anything else that we should know?

Best wishes from

Hi Rod,

January is usually one of our colder months. Hi temps are around 65F, and January is one of our rainy months. However, since we average 14 inches of rain per year, that may not be saying much.

The end of January is usually very slow, with very small crowds.

It's a bit early to say what will be offline, except for Big Thunder Mountain, which is undergoing a major overhaul. Other rides may be undergoing maintenance as well.

I usually recommend that people stay at the Howard Johnson ( or at the Candy Cane Inn. You usually get a little more bang for your buck, and both are very close to the entrance. Carousel Inn and Fairfield Inn are a bit closer, but I've found the HoJo gives the best value. Feel free to check them all out. Disneyland Hotel and Grand Californian are both Disney-owned and have the best experience, but it's a very high cost compared to the value.

Best way to get tickets is online, a la carte, at You can get them through a travel agent, which might be good if you can get a perk with it. But what I've found is that most agents try to "bundle" the tickets with a hotel, adding quite a bit extra for the "perks".

Check out, and look into the Southern California Citypass. It's a great value. It includes Universal Studios and Sea World.

Check out, and post a question in the LA Travel forum about places to go. I post there also, and can give great tips about where to go.

Sorry for the delayed response, it's been a busy time.


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I can answer questions about Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, restaurants and hotels of the Disneyland Resort, and local information (I`m also an expert in the California Category). I am also knowlegeable in Disneyland history and upcoming events. If you are coming to DLR with your family, I can give you some insight, since I have kids aged 6-23. If you have an attendance question, remember that predicting attendance is very tricky business, and I can only make my best guess based on past patterns. Hope to see you there!


My family and I are annual passholders at the Disneyland Resort, and we go there about once per week. We, have eaten at every restaurant (even a few that are no longer open), and stayed at the hotels of the resort (even though we live 10 miles away). My wife and I have each been going to Disneyland since 1965.


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