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We are trying to plan a vacation to see the Christmas lights at DL.  We're thinking of Dec. 8-12, is that a good time?  What about weather -- is it usually too cold for the water rides?  And do they do fireworks every night?  We went during Halloween 2 years ago and absolutely loved it!  Any other suggestions or info would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Wendy,

That time period would be perfect for the holiday decorations around the resort, but it does get busy around December, so plan on larger crowds than normal, but not as large to the point where your trip is miserable.

As for weather, it does get cold in Southern California in December.  If you do ride water attractions, I would recommend riding them between 11am and 2pm, during the warmer part of the day.  When I say cold I usually mean highs around 72 and lows in the low 60s high 50s.

They have firework shows during peak periods of attendance. I cannot say at this point if they will or will not have fireworks during the week you plan on visiting.  Usually firework shows are performed Friday-Sunday evenings.

Enjoy your time and some of the other areas that have decorations (such as the hotels and Downtown Disney).

I hope this has helped.

-Martin Hoover


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