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My family and I are going to DL either on Sat (2/15) or Sun (2/16) -just for one day...  Would either day be more crowded than the other ?

Thanks for your time !


ANSWER: Hi Mark,

Both days will probably be the same.  I think that the Southern California Annual Pass is blocked on Saturday, so it might be a little more lighter on that day.  I highly recommend getting to the park early.  You should be able to do a lot of things in the morning.  By noon it's going to start picking up.

Also, check the refurbishments on the Disneyland home page.  There are a lot of attractions down, and this is causing more of an impact on crowds as people go to the attractions that are open.

Have a fun time at the parks. :)

Mary Jo

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Mary Jo !

Thanks so much for the response... Would it be significantly less crowded this weekend ?  Don't know if President's Day weekend (Sunday) ?



Hi Mark,

I'm so sorry to take so long to answer you.  I was on a business trip when I got a notification about your follow-up question, and just remembered it.

You can expect both this weekend and next weekend to be pretty busy.  This weekend is a 3-day weekend for many people.  Add to that that the weather has been so mild, and you can expect crowds.  Next weekend is known as Dapper Day weekend, and there will be people dressed up like the 30s-60s, and I expect that the weekend will be busy, especially on Sunday.

My recommendation, regardless of which weekend you choose, be at the gates at opening, and head to the popular attractions.  Fantasyland tends to be crowded, especially Peter Pan, and some of the others.  Pirates may have a long line, but goes quickly.  Hit your favorites early in the day because by noon the park will be very busy.

Make a reservation for a meal:  714-781-3463  It will save you time.  If you plan on going to counter service places, Paradise Gardens in California Adventure is nice, as is Pacific Wharf, Cozy Cones and Flos.  At Disneyland try Hungry Bear, Riverbelle Terrace, or Rancho Zocalo.

Have a great time!

Mary Jo


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