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Hi. We are planning a trip to DL during Halloween time (9/29-10/3)with our 3 kids (6,10,12). We have never been during this time and I was hoping you could give us an idea of the crowds? Also, should we do Mickey's Halloween Party? And does Cal. Adv. get really busy on the nights of Mickey's  party because DL has closed early? Thanks so much!

Hi Erin,

Crowd levels can be expected to be VERY low for those 4 days. You should be able to get on MANY rides, especially if you arrive early in the day. Crowd levels are expected to be 1-2 out of a possible 10.

Mickey's Halloween Party is a fun event. We loved it when it first started out, when it was cheap. I remember it even being free. The thing I really like about MHP is the opportunity to go in costume, and see others in costume. I've seen whole families dress up as the Incredibles, Nightmare Before Christmas, various Disney Royalty (favorite princes and princesses) and more. I think my favorite thing to do is to get a photo op with a character in costume, like vampire Mickey. The price got to be just a bit much, but I won tickets to last year's party at one of my Disney club meetings. We had a blast. I wouldn't really spend any time on the rides, you can do that during the day. Don't miss the special fireworks, and run around to all the candy collection spots while getting character photos. And don't miss "Ghost Galaxy" (Space Mountain) and "Nightmare before Christmas" (Haunted Mansion), which as special versions of the rides for Halloweentime. You can do those during the day.

DCA does get quite a bit of overflow crowd from Disneyland. For example, on Friday Oct 4, crowd levels at DCA are expected to peak at 7.2, while Disneyland should peak around 1.2. It isn't so bad the week before (9/27), where the crowds at Disneyland are expected at 1.2, but 4.2 at DCA.

We LOVE the fall colors in the park that time of year. Arrive early


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