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hi, i am a 7th grader that goes to school in yucipa. i am doing a project for school, and i was wondering if you could be one of my experts? if so please answer these questions.
1. Have you ever worked at Disneyland? if so, how was it?
2. Have you ever had passes to Disneyland? How many times?
3. Do you and your family love Disneyland? why so?
4. What do you know about Disneyland`s history?
5. How long have you been going to Disneyland?
6. How is the service at Disneyland? Explain.
7. Do you think that Walt was smart to put Disneyland in CA.? Why?
8. Have you ever been to any other Disney park if so, how was it?
9. In my research, Some people said the hotels at Disneyland weren`t very nice. do you agree?
10. How has the park changed from the first time you went, to the most resent time?
Thank you so much for your time! i need these answered by April 11th, so please answer as soon as possible.

Hi Anna,


1. No, I've never worked there.

2. I have had an annual pass to Disneyland every year since 1995, except for 1999, and that is because I took my family to Walt Disney World, and I couldn't afford both.

3. We love Disneyland because of the vision that Walt Disney had, and the fact that he made that vision happen. I love how it makes people happy, and that they can basically forget their troubles and have fun.  I love how people who are handicapped are treated there, and how everyone is treated with respect regardless of where they come from or what they look like.

4. I know a lot about Disneyland's history.  I've been to the park that Walt Disney used to take his daughters to, and where he thought up the idea of Disneyland. I rode the same carousel that his daughters rode.  

5. I have been going to Disneyland since 1962, but paying for myself since 1979.

6. The service at Disneyland is excellent. They treat people with respect, and almost always smile with their eyes when they talk to you.  They do their best to make sure everyone has the best experience, and try to make things better, even when it's not their fault that something goes wrong.

7. Walt was very smart to put Disneyland in California.  It was close to the studios so he had a personal investment in it.  The weather is almost always mild, and there are few days where the weather is too bad to go to the parks and enjoy them.

8. I have been to Walt Disney World, and I loved it.  Picture a large pizza.  Disneyland is not even as big as one slice on that pizza.  It's huge.  There are four theme parks, two water parks, and lots of hotels that are interesting to visit, all together in one place.  It's bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

9. The hotels at Disneyland are very nice.  The Grand Californian is beautiful, and has first class restaurants.  The rooms have balconies, and it is clean.  The Disneyland Hotel is also a lot of fun and nice.  The Paradise Pier Hotel is nice, but not as nice at the Disneyland Hotel.  Sometimes people who have gone to Walt Disney World and been at their resorts are disappointed in the Disneyland hotels, but you can't compare the hotels at the two parks on the same level.  

10. The park has changed a lot since the first time that I went.  When I first went there was no New Orleans Square, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, etc.  There used to be a Native American Village (we called it the Indian village), and the native americans would show their dances, and then we danced the 'friendship dance.'  There used to be horse rides and stagecoach rides.  Fantasyland was different, and so was Tomorrowland.  Then they added Toontown, and even more so they turned Disneyland into the Disneyland Resort by adding a whole new park, the Grand Californian Hotel, and Downtown Disney.  Did you know that back in the 1960's they used to have mermaids in the submarine lagoon?  They used to sit on the rocks and wave to the people walking past.  I remember seeing them.  There have been a lot of changes to the park.

Good luck on your report.

Mary Jo


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I live fairly close to the Disneyland Resort, and have an annual pass, so I visit the Disneyland Resort quite often.


I have visited the Disneyland Resort several times each year for several years, and have stayed in each of the hotels. I have a pretty good understanding of the parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney.

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