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HI! My name is Paige Hastey and I'm from Palos Verdes (just outside of LA) and I am doing a report on the history of Disneyland. I was hoping you could take a few moments of your time to answer a few questions of mine:

1. How did Walt Disney fund the creation of Disneyland?
2. How did the idea of Disneyland come to be?
3. Why was Disneyland created?
4. How did Disneyland get its nick name "The Magical Kingdom"?
5. How was Disneyland different from when it first opened versus now?

Thank you for taking your time to read over my questions!

Hello Paige;

I will try to answer the questions the best I can:

How did Walt Disney fund the creation of Disneyland?
Walt really turned to his older brother Roy to help him find the park.  While Walt was the idea behind Disneyland, Roy really worked to make sure that the park was funded.  Nobody really wanted to fund the park, and Roy was sent to New York City to talk to bankers and investors.  With him, he took a conceptual drawling of the map of Disneyland.  A big financial supported was the young American Broadcasting Company (ABC) who paid for exclusive rights to televise the opening of the park.

How did the idea of Disneyland come to be?
Walt would take his daughters to Griffith Park near Los Angeles.  At the park was a carrousel that the girls would ride.  As they rode, Walt would sit on a nearby park bench, eating peanuts, waiting for the girls to finish.  He realized that a park should be built that would accommodate both children and adults that was clean and organized.  This was the idea that brought to birth Disneyland.

Why was Disneyland created?
Sort of answered in the last question.  It was something that Walt thought would bring families together by letting them all enjoy attractions and entertainment together.

How did Disneyland get its nick name "The Magical Kingdom"?
Sleeping Beauty's Castle is the focal point of the park... since the castle gives off a sense of being in a kingdom from a fairytale, and the fact that the attractions and experience at the parks are almost surreal, the nickname 'The Magic Kingdom' took shape.

How was Disneyland different from when it first opened versus now?
There have been numerous changes since the park opened.  I will highlight two.

From the very beginning, individuals could enter the park for a small admission fee, and enjoy the entertainment and some free offerings in the park.  To enjoy attractions (rides), individuals had to purchase tickets.  These tickets in the beginning were A, B, C, & D tickets.  Some attractions, like the horse drawn carriage on Main Street, would cost you an A ticket (10 cents).  A larger attraction would cost a D Ticket (35-40 cents).  The creation of attractions like The Submarine Voyage and The Haunted Mansion, brought the creation of the E Ticket.  This ticket was reserved for the most popular attractions.  The individual ride tickets were phased out in the 1980s, and now a single park admission ticket is needed for entry.

Another change is more cultural than anything.  Guests to the resort felt that it was more of an event than a vacation.  Males wore collared shirts and ties, women wore dresses... much different than the shorts and flip-flops we see at the park today.

i hope this has helped.

-Martin Hoover


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