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Hello Maryjo,

Can I ask your thoughts on Disneyland on June 8th-11th? We've never vacationed at this time before and are giving it some last minute thoughts

Thank you,

Hi Ron,

I see you're planning on going Sunday - Wednesday.  Note that Tuesday, 10 June, is a Grad Night, so California Adventure will be closing early that night.

There have been a lot of refurbishments this year, partly because of Cal OSHA findings (for the workers) and I think, partly because Disneyland is getting ready for its 60th birthday next year.

So far, it has been a bit crowded at the parks.

I just want you to go with an open mind, and plan for the above.  Having said that, Disneyland is so much fun, as you know.  If you go early to take advantage of lower crowds, and plan some down time for you, you should be fine.  If you're staying at one of the resort hotels, you get early entry to one of the parks each day. If not, you should at least get early entry to Disneyland on one of the days, unless you have an annual pass.  Then you'll be like me, and go just when the parks open to the public.

The days should be kind of cool in the morning, warming up during the day, and cooling down by evening, but check on the weather right before coming to get the best forecast.

Let me know if you have any other questions.  I'm happy to answer them for you.


Mary Jo


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I live fairly close to the Disneyland Resort, and have an annual pass, so I visit the Disneyland Resort quite often.


I have visited the Disneyland Resort several times each year for several years, and have stayed in each of the hotels. I have a pretty good understanding of the parks, hotels, and Downtown Disney.

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