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QUESTION: How does the fastpass work at the Disneyland resort?  Is it still paper fastpasses?  Do you get them at the attractions themselves?  Are they done online?  I need more information about how they work.  And I'm wondering if they have a fastpass to see the Frozen characters.  Any information would be helpful.


ANSWER: Hello, and thank you for your question!
Although DisneyWorld has switched to an online system known as Fastpass+, Disneyland continues to use paper fast passes. Fastpass eligible attractions, which are marked on your park map, have a small area near the entrance with Fastpass kiosks set up. All you have to do is insert your park ticket into the machine (you get it back right away), take the Fastpass return ticket that prints out, and return to the attraction at the time printed on the ticket. You will be able to use your Fastpass to enter the Fastpass line(which is always shorter due to the time constraints) instead of the regular one. Be aware, once you get a Fastpass return ticket, you have to wait a while before getting another at any it her attraction.

Some shows offer Fastpasses as well, but these are usually distributed by employees, not machines. As of the beginning of September, the Frozen attraction has begun offering Return Trip tickets, which are essentially the same thing as Fastpasses. However, because the Frozen attraction does not take as many guests at a time, tickets are likely to run out faster. I would suggest you head to the attraction as soon as you get to the park!

I hope this information helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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QUESTION: Just to clarify, are you saying that Disneyland has no online Fastpass system?  Does Disneyland just offer 1 Fastpass at a time?  Is there a limit to the number of fastpasses per day?

Also, if there are Return Trip tickets to Frozen, can you get one of those while you currently have a fastpass for another attraction?

Is there only one location for the Fastpass kiosks or are they located in other areas as well?

And last, is the fastpass good only during the hour stated on it or are they flexible about the time you can return?

I apologize for the late reply; I hope that this information is still useful to you! Disneyland has no online Fastpass system; all Fastpass return tickets must be obtained in person at the park. There is no limit for Fastpasses you obtain per day, but each ride has a limited number of Fastpasses it can give out. If you visit a ride near the end of the day, the Fastpass lane is likely to be closed. You can have more than one Fastpass out at a time, but you may only obtain a new Fastpass once every hour or so. I haven't used the Frozen return trip, but if it's anything like other live shows (which I suspect it is), the return trip ticket does not count as a Fastpass; you can still get a ride Fastpass for the hour. The Fastpass kiosks are located at their respective rides (e.g. the Fastpass kiosk for the Indiana Jones ride is located at the Indiana Jones ride). As for whether you'll be able to enter the ride at a time other than the one assigned on your Fastpass return ticket, that really depends on the Cast Member working the line. Some of them will allow you in a little early or a little late. In general, though, Fastpass return tickets are only good for your assigned hour. The system is designed to let you in at the approximate time that you would have gotten on the ride if you had waited in the normal line. I hope this answers all your questions, but feel free to ask any more that you might have!


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