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Hey Steve,
Silly question, but i just booked (paid in full) my Disney vacation for May 31, 2015. I was wondering when i can expect the package to arrive, someone told me it should arrive within a week of today - but someone else told me it doesn't ship until the date gets closer to our vacation. Was hoping i could get clarification on this?

Aldo, i know it requires a signature upon arrival, but what if i am not home at the time?

Thank you!

Hi Luis,

I also booked a vacation, but for WDW, back in October. We got lots of emails right away, and a package with Magic Express tags about 6 weeks before departure. The rest of our stuff came about 4 weeks before departure, including Magic Bands.

Disneyland doesn't have Magic Express or Magic Bands yet, but I think you can expect your package to arrive 4-6 weeks in advance. California timelines may be a bit different than Florida. You can always call Disney Travel (or whomever you booked through) for an update. They were very kind and patient with me.


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