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Hi Steve! My 16 year old son and his friend want to go to Disneyland THIS Tuesday. I wanted to buy their park hopper tickets in advance but it says that's pre purchased tickets are not guaranteed on a given day. If they go to Disney (we are dropping them off) and simply use my credit card can they purchase tickets using my credit card? Or will they need my ID?
Thanks in advance for your answer.

Hi Annette,

It's best to used the pre-purchased tickets that you print at home. That line about tickets not guaranteed was written y the lawyers, in case the park is too crowded. For example, if you show up at noon and the park has already reached capacity.

If the boys show up with a credit card, YOU will be required to be present. They won't accept your ID. That's why it's simply best to pre-print the tickets and arrive early.


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