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Hi. My Grandmother recently passed away. She has several bricks in the Walk of Magical Memories at Disneyland Paris. She told me before she died that I need to see them at some point in my life. I am now planning a trip to Europe so I can fulfill her wish. My question is, can I access the Walk of Magical Memories without actually paying to enter the park? (We are short on time and money and wanted to see Paris as well.) And is there any way to locate a name via a map, or do I just search all over for them? Thanks in advance!

Hello Jim

My condolescens with your Grandmother.
yes you can access the Walk mof Magical Memories without entering the Park.
The bricks are as a footpath in front of the Disneyland Hotel.
You have to find them your self but your Grandmother became a certificate for these brick(s) and in the certificate is the location of the brick(s) mentioned.

II hope this is the answer you where looking for.

Have some magical days in Paris and Disneyland Resort Paris.


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