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I am 55 with a thirst for knowledge. I was unable to attend university, but I devour non fiction books about anything.
I was very hapy a few years ago when I had to complete an online horticulture  course to get a promotion.
I am no longer in that field, but I would like to take another, old fashioned by mail course. I dont like sitting in front of the computer much.
I dont have a lot to spend. Can you suggest a few options? Thanks!

Greetings please accept my apology as I reside in PA and we had the worst snow storm in years and I am just recovering from a cold and digging out of the 17 inches of snow.  

First let me say without much info into the area of study you are interested in, I am not sure how to guide specifically, however I do know of one school that is accredited and offers an associates degree in many disciplines and it is entirely correspondence not computer based instruction.  I will admit that in the societal trends we are in now, distance learning translates to online education or a hybrid format of classroom work paired with traveling to an actual university but still submitting assignments via the computer.  I did manage to locate the following information for you but please keep in mind I can not attest to the quality of education.  There is a number included and you can contact them to learn of costs. Good Luck!

Penn Foster
Penn Foster has two accreditations. The Middle States Commission and the Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council have recognized Penn Foster as a reputable learning institution. According to Penn Foster, the school offers over 3,500 courses and gives students the ability to earn a high school diploma or an associate degree. Complete course materials online or through printed materials mailed to you. You have up to 18 months to complete a course.

Penn Foster Career School
Student Services Center
P.O. Box 1900
Scranton, PA 18501
(570) 961-4033

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