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I just graduated Bloomsburg University with a 3.89 GPA in Business and ITM and I am looking for a 100% online masters degree program in Cyber Security. I currently work full time. The two programs that I'm looking into are Bellevue University and Southern New Hampshire University. I have listed a few Pro's and Con's about each.          
Bellevue University
- Is slightly cheaper then Southern New Hampshire University
- Not for Profit
-Offers Classes in Cyber  Forensics
-Seems like a good program
-Accredited Program
-All classes are not offered year around online
- No name college
-Very low program completion rate

Southern New Hampshire University:
-Accredited Program
-More of a Criminal Justice background to program
-Class offered year around
-Self Paced could take 1-3 classes per 10 week period good for someone that is working 40 HR a week
-Very heavily advertised college. Is the university reputable???
- Slightly more expensive
- Cyber Security Program does not have a Cyber Forensics Class

Which one of these two Universities would you pick and why? Or would you go with a complete different school. Thanks in Advance

Greetings I would never answer your question which university would I select
The rationale is Cyber Security is not my discipline and you need to decide if the cost, accreditation and respect or not for your degree are factors you can deal with. Your overall GPA is not relevant either unless it is a factor into you being accepted to the university you choose.

I would encourage you to give a call to enrollment counselors and or the advising department/s and review the degree overview for each programs. This will help you decide and it appears one of your considerations does not have a class which leads to including important is that class to you and or in the field you are aspiring to become part of.

Good Luck on the decision process


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