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Dear Cheryl

I am a 27 year old South African and completes my B.Comm (Business Management) in May this year.  I have done it through UNISA - University of South Africa.(see www.unisa.ac.za)

I want to further my studies with 100% full online education.  I don't want to attend classes.  Please advice me on accredited 100%online varsities.  Money is always a problem as the $ to our currency is 7 times stronger.  So if you could keep that in mind as well.

Thank you for your time



Dear Kobus,

You do not tell me what type of degree you wish to pursue after May.  Although this is not a real problem it would have helped.  What you need to do is to go to google.com and search for online universities.  It would also help in the same line to put what type of degree or program you are interested in.  You will have a multitude of responses and will need to look through them.  Make certain that there is an accreditation for the University.  Capella and University of Phoenix are two that I can attest to being legitimate Universities with good recommendations.  

Also you can look at worldwidelearn.com. This website allows you to do some research for colleges and universities to help you understand what you will face.  You can then contact some of the schools you choose for information on tuition and other factors.  

Check out fastweb.com as well.  This is a site that offers you access to scholarships from many companies who might help you to get additional money for school.  

Online or E-learning are a wonderful way to pursue your education and expand your world knowledge as well.  I wish you the best of luck in your pursuits.



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