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I was hoping to find out what you would write to a potential buyer/seller to introduce your company and service?


Without knowing much about what you're pitching, I'll focus on the basics.

Identify what characteristics of your product would interest the purchaser.  Obviously, earning money is core, but the questions then arises, how and why?  It could be:-
- appeal to customer base/market niche, etc.
- unique product proposition; nobody else does this and there's a need
- enhances the prospect's portfolio
- better pricing, terms, service than competitors.

As yourself, with what you do, how do you solve the prospect's pain?  Think of yourself as a "healer" and you're looking to make things better for this prospective patron.

Next, people don't like to read!
- short sentences, paragraphs and bullets work best
- bullets, like I'm doing here, convey separate thoughts quickly; and for me, are punchier
- stick to a narrative, thoughts that trail off, switching between concepts, unsettles readers
- active voice (don't use passive, refer to the nebulous "they", and "it" ... for example:-
    "it is recommended that ..." sucks
    "we recommend ..." is active, shows ownership and conviction)
- if able to use powerpoint of some other software, consider an active presentation (with voice over)
- look at other pitches for ideas
- use visuals that help convey your ideas
- watch your punctuation and grammar - screwed up sentences, missing words, etc.
 .. readers are looking for clues and/or confirmation that you're wasting their time
 .. your inability to edit your own thoughts and writing will count against you

Think through the entire approach to the pitch.  It's not just the introduction, but where you expect to go afterwards.
- map out ways that the introduction could play out (from pitch, to demo, meeting, to proposal)
- what do you need to include in this first "cold call" that will get you invited to discuss more
- what else can you do to help secure "the next step?"

Generally, introductory contacts have the following characteristics:-
- 2-4 messages (concepts conveyed)
- high level, teaser style
- price IS NOT mentioned (this is an aspect of asymmetric information; offering such at an early stage puts you at a disadvantage: for more on this see "Freakonomics" (Levitt)  http://theamateurecon.blogspot.hu/2011/07/lemons-and-second-hand-cars.html)
- identify next steps: when you'll follow up, how to progress, what you'd like to do next
- don't offer too much; keep it simple - this allows you room as you increase your knowledge and hone your pitch to fit the prospect's need(s).

I'm sure there's more; but this is a good starting point.  Let me have your thoughts please.

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