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Hello sir,

I was appointed as a C& F agent in Trichy Tamilnadu on January'13. Before appointing me they did not give proper intimation to the previous agent, but I was told that they have no objection in leaving the Agency and got deposit amount from me.But after my appointment the previous people were not ready to leave the agency and I was given a very low sales from which I was promised. I have been running the agency for loss for the past 10 months. the company people were keep on promising me for the sales which I have been told earlier and I was waiting for that.

Now suddenly , they are asking me to leave the agency. Even I am fed up with these people and want to leave. The problem is how can I get my deposit amount back quickly. I dont think they will give my money soon since they have some financial problem. Please help me legaly how I can I get my money back as soon as possible.

Hi and Good day

I understand from your message, that you didnot get the promised sales and margins in the C & F business done at Trichy for a Company. And you have also paid a deposit to take up this business from the company.

You must have an agreement between yourselves and the company and please check if you have been promised volumes or sales per month or through the year. In addition check if the deposit amount is mentioned and see what clause is used for return of this deposit incase of breach.

You need to check all this and possibly have copies of all the communication with the company during the last so many months either mails or hard copies of the letters..and take this up with a legal counsel for an opinion. Based on that, suggest you move forward.

The reason for not advising as I have heard only your side of the story


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