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I have a project in my company where we need to automate the packaging process.
It goes like this:
Description: Material arrive at docking area. They are checked for packaging. and if packaging found not as per standard they are rejected.
Problem: As material arrives at a very fast rate there is a need to automate thew process
Work Done so Far: Till now I am able to make a macro code in Excel wherein if an item number is pasted into a specific cell it searches for pdf attached to that number and automatically displays that pdf. That pdf contains the information regarding packaging standard
Requirements: 1.) Now to execute this automatically I want a scanner that can scan a 2-D bar code which contains all information like item number, Quantities, Vendor code etc., extracts only item number and paste that item number into that specific cell of Excel.Please note I want Excel to paste the data and not as if it is typing into that cell.Is it possible?
2.) It should be wireless as we have huge area to cater to

Also I already have Honeywell's Voyager 1202g(Wireless) and Psion Teklogic 7535 Handheld in my company. Please tell me if it is possible to do these things with any of this scanner.
Thankyou in Advance

Saurabh Mundeja

This is doable.  You should find a local team to help out; preferably somebody experienced in the handhelds you have.  I would further recommend you focus on 1 make and model; not 2.

I would start by investigating what out-of-the-box software is available from the vendor.  If there's nothing much, you'll have to build something that scans the value, writes it somewhere and then have a separate job read what was written and updates your report.

I would revisit the process to make it as simple as possible.  You probably want the person using the scanner to figure out that there's a problem; so the scanner should write somehow to a remote procedure that can validate; and return to the scanner that there's an issue.

If the scanner works directly with your pc, you might be able to synch to a directory that the Excel program then reads and uses in place of your input.

If this were a project I'd be doing, I'd consider the following:-
- the lad in the warehouse probably has to be mobile
- I'd say use a robust tablet with a camera
- Use barcode recognition software - fairly available now for android
- Read the barcode and run that against a database that maps barcodes to packing rules
- On the tablet, show the rules that apply

Also with the rules I'd try to standardize them - perhaps with a short-code and colour.  That way the operator quickly learns the coding & associated standard and doesn't have to read through the details.  We've done something like this with our parcel handling at, but I guess we're too far away to be helpful there.

Good luck

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