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As inexperienced person
You've been extremely generous in you're advice, and as far as I'm concerned the most respected Professional Trading Expert agent I've had the good fortune to come across.

can help me with advice in BG  deal with private discussion
and would like to know if this BG Leased can workable or not real
"" LEASED BG - COST 5+2% - 100M minimum - MUST have 7M to Swift via MT799
can give pre-advice if I know buyer has money
via Tearsheet - BCL bank Statement - CIS and passport ""

wait your advice


Hi and Good day

Am not much experienced with the BG, but if you can detail further, maybe can let you know whats the best possible approach in these kind of deals involving private, PE funding models

You may reach me on shaju.madhavan@gmail.com


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