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Distribution of Products/container shipment went bad


ripped off wrote at 2008-06-02 23:59:39
Hi all.

Only adding my bit as a future warning. Many many people have been burnt by the actions of Christian Bekkers and his apparent frauds. Through Nibeco, t-europe and now Tranzit Express Logisitcs - yet another company he has set up with a false address, he has ripped off whoever he could. He has left people all over the world trying to get their goods back - if they can even find where they went, that is. The latest batch is in Australia and leagal action has begun by many of them. If you ever see his name being involved in a new company - RUN A MILE IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION!!!

trader wrote at 2008-07-21 14:52:48
In the USA you can ship with NVO s, they have volume contracts with shippinglines and this way you get discounts on the freight you pay.  They put themselves as a shipper in the BL in order to make sure they control the shipments in case they do not get paid

When booking a container door to door, the shipping company is responsible for bringing it from door to door, it does not include customs clearance and export declarations, as these are added costs.  And in case customs clearance is done to slow, storage charges apply and they are charged to the individual that owns the container of whose goods they are as customs clearance is not an issue related to shipping, it is part of shipping, but not included in a door to door rate

traders wrote at 2009-01-06 07:05:25
dear sir, you booked yr container with Tranzit express, teurope is not even a company, and Nibeco was not even a constraction party for you and has different ownership

You booked a container fromn USA to Snagov and did not pay the freight but weeks after the vessel arrives, we had to look for you and to find contact details .  Then you expect the forwarder to cover the expenses of the weeks and weeks long storage, as you could not clear properly the container, an item that was not quote to you by Ana

Then the container arrives, you use abusive language, ask for endless manifest corrections, which cost time and money, threaten with guarda financiera, deportation ... sorry then there is no basis to continue any discussions

Gabriel wrote at 2009-07-02 07:35:16
Christian Bekkers it is an international charlatan. If you wish to have a good life keep your business away of this guy. He have cheat us with 78000 USD.

You must only search on google his name and you will find a lot of people how was cheated by him.

frank wrote at 2009-11-30 09:40:21
hi had relatively good expierience with ACL, had a reefer they forgot to connect in the port and all goods got defrosted, took a while but finally they reimbursed me, in full and did not hold me to the BL restrictions

vanessa wrote at 2009-12-31 16:49:34
I heard christian bekkers quit the shipping business after the debacle he had 2 years ago, seems he lost everything himself and restarted his career making cheese in Belgium, he even got national newspapers talking about it.

patrick wrote at 2010-01-12 07:46:46
Yes heard the same, christian bekkers started making cheese intially in romania, then moved to France and now now a master cheese maker.  Talking about a switch in carreer

francois wrote at 2010-01-15 07:16:32
This is correct Christian Bekkers is now a master cheesemaker in France, around Lyon.  Company is called Laitterie Bekkers, they make Gouda cheese, they make cheese with condiments, they make fresh cheeses... the whole assortment.  The cheese is fresh, comes from ecomilk and really tastes good. W dod not eat anything else

patrick wrote at 2010-01-21 15:17:26
yes christian bekkers makes now cheese in Lyon, it is all eco and they sell Gouda cheese at 20 euro per kgs, they buy the milk from eco approved farms, mostly goat cheese

Ana wrote at 2010-02-03 08:12:20
I have been shipping with Christian Bekkers for 10 years and in 10 years we never had a problem with any of our shipments.  And yes he closed his company in Australia, as costs were getting completely out of hand.  He was based in Europe and unable to control  what was happening in Australia.  At the end the decision was made by them to close it and this with big losses for them, and regretfully he could not get a bail out like the car industry could get from the government.  The car industry did not only het the producers, but also forwarders that had their main focus on shipping cars

patrick wrote at 2010-02-12 12:56:11
Hi heard Christian Bekkers joined his father company a goat farm in France, where they make cheese the traditional way.  Seems his father is a master cheesemaker, who has been making cheese for years. So he went into the family business.  Cheese baased on natural ingredients, the cheese is excellent, they export it all over europe, the quality is great, it melts in your mouth.  He was lucky that he could fall back on his fathers goat business

Vincent wrote at 2010-02-19 12:33:14
Hi I also have been shipping for a number of years with Christian Bekkers, and we had complicated shipments, shipments to Former Russian countries.  All our shipments arrived in good order, we were very statisfied of the work he did.  He closed his Australian business as he was for the last years of the operations based in europe, and he had no control over it any more.  During his time in Australia the business went great, they ended up with a warehouse ... but once the staff had to handle the operations, the service started to detoriate.  He lost his all investment in it.  We are very happy that he rebounded so quickly and stated his cheeseoperations, and produces such good cheese that has made a name so quick.  

patrick wrote at 2010-02-22 08:02:19
I just visited last weekend the farm of Christian Bekkers, it just is beautifull.  They have about 200 goats, which gives them dayly 600 liter milk, from which they make goat cheese natural and with condiments but also with beer.  Can you imagine to eat a cheese with beer, it taste great, we bought three of those.  We can really recommend this cheese

ilse wrote at 2010-02-26 16:15:29
We have been shipping with Christian Bekkers for a number of years now, we have shipments to Ghana .  Never had any problems, on the contrary he went out of his way to resolve the problems that will always be part of shipping.  He has travelled the whole West African continent and knows that part of the world very well and can advise potential exporters in Europe how to go about it

lili wrote at 2010-03-08 09:23:08
Hi we just shipped a motorhome from USA to Uk with Christian Bekkers, job was done excellent.  He arrange contact with the supplier, got the motorhome inspected for us, so we knew what we were buying, got it picked up by a driveaway company, handled customs clearance.  Shipped it with Hual to UK.  So we were very satisfied, was a hassle free shipment

We read the comments on the webside, we experienced none of that.  They closed there australian operations and car biz, as it was not making any profit an cars that supposely were damaged during transport, turned out not insured by clients.  And then the client claims the value of the car.  But we had taken out insurance and we had no damages.  On shipments from USA all shippinglines have a limit to there responsibilities of 500 USD, above it no claims are paid out.  This is why people take out insurance.  Freightfowarders are not responsible for replace ment value ... when car gets damaged

Alex wrote at 2010-03-12 09:01:13
I used Christian Bekkers 3 times for shipping %26 there was no problems it was also very good value for money.

I would have recommended him to any one.

Sorry to hear he no longer does it.



Mark wrote at 2010-08-06 14:12:50
I have eaten the cheese christian bekkers is producing, they have a cheesery and produce goat and cow cheese.  fresh cheese and hard cheese, gouda, Blue Cheese ....

Very tasty and our friends loved it too

cheeselover wrote at 2010-08-06 14:17:16
hi, to go further on the cheese, they distribute this cheese in France and Romania, they have in both countries production.  It is all small scale, they handle about 2000 liters milk per day in each location.  It is artisanl cheese that is being produced, not for massconsumption, but more for the expensive taste

Try it, it is worth the money.  Christian Bekkers apparently is ow a cheese maker and competes with his cheeses on an international level

frank wrote at 2010-08-13 07:50:56

We just shipped a container  through the services

of Peter Poku in Ghana, his agent in Antwerp is Christian Bekkers

We loaded 4 cars into a container in London, we alos put some freezers in the container and some personal items

Goods arrived in good condition, nothing was missing, and we had no damages on the  cars.  So we have to say that we were very satisfied with this shipment

frank wrote at 2010-08-25 19:18:59
Hi we just shipped some containers with Tol shipping from the UK to USA, they did a great job

Can recommend Tol shipping for sure

They gave very professional service

Easy to reach once you are in centre of UK

And easy to work with

Number one choice

lewis wrote at 2010-11-15 19:00:50
I just shipped 2 trucks with anchor freight from the USA over antwerp to Ghana

All cargo arrived safely ad we were very satisfied with the professional service they gave us

The agent in Ghana Peter Poku prepared all docs before the vessel arrived and we were able to take the trucks out of teh port within 3 days of arrival of the vessel

many thanks for thanks

Fran wrote at 2011-01-14 13:11:42
Our company ships cars from USA to Australia, we are struggling a bit with whom to use, as we read some of the messages and just want to make sure the cars arrive safely in Australia

Can anyone recommend a good shipping company, I have heard CFR and Kiawah line are pretty good.  Any feedback  

francis wrote at 2011-01-21 05:12:11

Shipping a boat pretty soon and checking my options, we are moving to New Zealand

I need the boat shipped from Rotterdam to Auckland, can anybody recommend a good forwarder

Boat is 23 Ft long 8 ft wide and 7 FT 8 high

I want to make sure the boat arrives without any damages,

so I really need a good forwarder

So all suggestions are welcome, as I want t be sure I make the right one

Please send an answer on thisor any suggestions you might have  

francis wrote at 2011-01-27 03:02:10

Have a caravan to ship from the UK to Sydney Australia,

can anybody recommend anybody

As caravan is ready to go, but I guess it will not fit in a container.

How can we ship this then

Does anybody have suggestions

I heard about roro, can someone explain  

vincent wrote at 2011-01-27 03:06:09

I understood that the company claiming above money, has felt also the pressures of the carmarket callapsing and had to close

their doors

The colapse in the car market made a lot of victims, lots of companies had to close their doors  

Lewis wrote at 2011-02-04 03:56:23
Just shipped a Ford Mustang from LA to Auckland, had such a misery with it.

It arrived in New Zealand, and it was inspected and found to be too dirty. They wanted to return the car to the USA.

Luckely we were able to discuss, and we paid a huge bill for steamcleaning

And finally we got our car  

sandy wrote at 2011-08-10 16:03:36
Just met Christian Bekkers at a kitsurfing event, discussed briefly his past in the shipping with him.  He had a bad fall at the downturn of the economy, and he was not the only one, so I do not understand why he is getting so much bad press, when so many others had to close their books, 80 % of their clients went bancrupt in the car biz, they went from 300 cars a month to barely 50

Barry wrote at 2011-09-27 06:09:47

Do you know how I can reach Christian? where was the kitesurfing event?


Phil wrote at 2012-03-14 12:10:09
Hello, to this I want to add that I know Christian since 1967, we were both in the same class (6 years old). He was a very wild boy.

Two years ago he came back to Belgium (Antwerp), and asked me how he could continue business. I helped him set up a new transport company. He left again to Romania (Bucharest, but that is not an official adres, he is in the surroundings).

A few months after we set up the flamingo Logistics company, he started the Romanian company, and left the Belgian company for what it was. I had to solve a lot of problems, because he did not manage anything. You will never be able to catch him, he is allways running from one side to another, and he changes mail and phone every minute.

I got out the company immediately.

He still owes me money, but he does not care. WALK AWAY FROM HIM PLEASE, we called ourselves friends!!  

Phil wrote at 2012-03-14 18:19:20
sandy, he s not at constanza anymore, but near to Bucharest.

His girlfriend is Cosette Bekkers, her parents live in Roemania also, and I do think he has changed his adres to his previous cheesemakers' place.

He has some charm, but he really is UNreliable, sorry to say...  

chris wrote at 2012-04-08 15:42:56
Phil, that must me Philippe Sarens

A company in belgium he was an administrator and I was an equal administrator.  I left Belgium in April 2011, in July I paid Philippe Sarens a fully paid weekend to the beach of Constanta.  At which point Philippe made a proposal to get so called cosultancy fees for our activities in Romania. In December Philippe Sarens wanted out of the company in Belgium (he had nothing to do with the activities in Romania), I signed all release forms for this,for a company that hadn t been used or had no activities for the last 6 months or so. He was indeed not paid for the shares. But for a person that claims to be upright, ethical, and works as a consultant, I find it very unethical and very UNprofessionally to involve in a dispute with me, my wife and her family, they have nothing to do with this.  I do not see myself plastering the truth about the background of your family on the internet.  You have a beef with me, address it to me.  As in your actions I do not see anything ethical or professionally, virtues you advertise about yourself

Jef wrote at 2013-01-18 14:18:58

I Like to ship a caravan of 6 meter long to Auckland NZ from the

UK, can anybody recommend a good forwarder

I want to make sure he is reliable and that he does not damage my


Anybody who can recommend someone, please do

As I intend to move in February, I will immigrate there


jef wrote at 2013-01-18 14:20:40

Can someone also advise the transittime it takes for those

Containers to go from the UK to Auckland

Or do you also deliver in Christchurch



Jef wrote at 2013-01-18 14:23:59
Can someone tell me which company I can use so I do not have an

horrorstory with my shipment of my caravans

As I am very worried as I would love to take a vacation in it and

travel through New Zealand and maybe Australia

Let me know


Jef wrote at 2013-01-29 04:16:49
I have a boat to be shipped to Tonga ex USA.  can someone recommend me who I can use to ship this

Would very much like to get a sharp rate

Boat will be ready to ship in March

Please let me know


For your assistance



Jef wrote at 2013-01-31 05:03:47

I have a caravan that needs to be shipped from




Can someone advise me a rate, as rates I am getting is

much higher then what I pay from US to Auckland

Rates are completely crazy

Can someone give me some advise



Jef wrote at 2013-02-01 05:53:02

Can someone recommend me a company that offers services ex USA

to fiji

We ship some boats and want to get the best price possible

Can you please reecommend someone

Hope you can help

I will be very great full



chrissy wrote at 2013-02-03 06:02:21
did anybody hear about a company called Schumacher

Seems they ship cars to Australia, are they any good, or how

is their work

Do they have good rates

Can you give me some info?

Do they damage cars, or service is good

I have a car to ship from US

And want some info



burka wrote at 2013-02-17 06:13:07
like to ship a car from Auckland to Fiji

I used schumacher and they did a good job for me

They picked up the car in US

Then I send it to auckland

From there I send it myself to Fiji

Transittime 50 days

great job


then we expected



jef wrote at 2013-02-17 18:18:06
Have a caravan to ship



To Auckland

Can someone recommend a company for this

Caravan has following dimensions

26 FT x 8 FT x ( ft 6

Please let us know rates soonest



je wrote at 2013-02-25 02:59:15
how come I do not get feedback on questions on this webside

I posted questions about shipping and nobody reacted

Maybe the should cancel this webside as it has no value

How is this possible

To have a webside operational

This is a big question

Ripped off wrote at 2013-03-01 17:10:33
Jeff and Burka and Chrissy, that are all the same guy: Christian Bekkers  // could be other names too!

I was ripped off by him, and many more after me.

Run in the opposite direction, soon as you hear from him, no worry, you'll recognise his style!

Happy helper wrote at 2013-04-10 12:41:04
Christian Bekkers is now living in NZ if anyone would like to get some advise on shipping  

Gabriel wrote at 2014-01-10 18:59:10
Hi is an international crook. He have cheated a lot of people around the word. Keep away from him if you don't wish to lose your money. In Romania a lot of people was cheated by him with big money.

john wrote at 2015-02-15 02:29:44
cristian Bekkers is a thief.he lives in marbella now. 635180211 his spanish number.he has been in jail 1 month

Christian Bekkers wrote at 2016-06-02 22:13:06
I invite John to proove in what jail I spend one month, as

not a single day was spend in jail by me

I invite John to give me his full contact details so I can sue him for libel

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