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Divorce Issues/8 year old girl who is SCARED of step-dad


Donna wrote at 2011-01-18 04:07:31

Lee is giving you great advice. I wish that my mother was protecting me from my step-father growing up as you are. I hope he can change and not be so "strict" she needs a father who will also be there to protect her as you are, be there for her number one as she needs your love and understanding and he needs to change or else she may grow up and have a hard time with getting over her chilhood,letting love in as far as relationships in her life. The here and now is going to effect her later in her life your daughter will always be your daughter and she needs your love and protection against anyone who may hurt her in any way. My step-father was similar as your daughter's is now and I don't speak to him or see him because he would't change his behavior towards me the only differance is she didn't help make him change his ways. Good luck to you and always be there for your daughter as you have been. Donna

Worried Momma wrote at 2013-01-28 19:10:09
I can completely relate to your situation. My son is 8 and very timid. My husband and I got together 4 yrs ago and my son NEVER thru timper tamtroms....he was ALWAYS one of the sweet kids that all parents wanted to take home. My husband rides him all the time. My husband and I are agruing right now because I think he gets onto him way to much, (he never says anything positive to my son)and my husband thinks I'm not strict enough. I have explained to him that he needs to be positive and that its human nature that my son will respond positively. My husband thinks since he was raised rough, he doesn't have a good relationship with his kids and my son needs to toughin up....that he is in the right. We have come to the conclusion that if my husband doesn't change....we don't have much of a future, because I have told him I want my son to grow up in a loving home...not in fear. I had step parents and it was bad all the way around. I don't want my son growing up with that feeling. It will break my heart to leave my husband because he couldn't be a more mature adult and love a sweet child that wants to be loved back. My son deserves to be loved the right way. NOT IN FEAR!

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