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Hello, and thank you in advance for any insight you may offer. My husband and I have not lived together for three years. We have one child in common, and he has not visited her or paid child support in the three years since he's been gone. I want to file for divorce but do not have an address for him. He moved out of state without  notice and I have two different ideas where he may be but do not know for sure. I am nervous about proceeding  because he's out of the picture now, and I'm comfortable with that. He was mentally and physically abusive to my daughter and i , and I'm afraid that if he enters the picture again and is awarded any kind of custody or visitation I'm worried about our daughters safety and/or him possibly trying to kidnap her. What  is the best way to file for divorce, serve him properlyy and still maintain my peace of mind about our safety?

Dear Heather,
Seek an attorney in your state and county.  Explain the situation and tell him or her that you are afraid and there is a history of abuse.  Since you do not actually have an address, sometimes notices are placed in legal papers in the general vicinity of their last known address and after a certain time lapses, the divorce can be granted.  I can't guarantee everything will be economical or efficient, but your first step is to an attorney.  I really think you will feel much better after the decree and know you can move on in life.  Consider this, if he would show back up or consider it, he's already over 3 years behind in child support.  This may be easier than you think.  Talk to an attorney.  Many will give a free consultation.
I wish you well and much happiness for you and your daughter.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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