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I have no income due to fighting for disability. I don't know the exact date the divorce was filed. It was in January of 2012. He is suppost to be paying me $200 a month till he gets me bought out for my half of the house and paying 2 bills. He hasn't paid a penny on the bills and they are trying to sue me. It was put in the divorce papers that if he missed a payment I'd get the house. He is 2 months behind. Since that is my only income I need it. The lawyer said I'd have to give him $1000 to take him to court. Of course I don't have it. I asked a lady at the court house if I could file the paper. She said I had to have the lawyer do it. Please help me! Isn't there some way I can get it done without costing me? Sincerely, Tammie Stovall

Dear Tammie,
If you have everything documented in the divorce decree, my suggestion would be to contact the parties trying to collect and ask them if a copy of the divorce would clarify the situation.  Fighting for disability can be a long struggle.  You may want to get some sort of assistance while you are waiting.  As for the house, I would wait until he's more than 2 months behind before starting anything.  Legal representation is not required for court, but the clerks cannot offer any legal assistance.  I would suggest you contact a support group in your area for whatever health issue you are dealing with and perhaps they will have some advice and resources for you.
I wish you well.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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