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In the past I read that the main cause of divorce has to do with financials (money). Why is it that money / financials are the #1 cause of divorce. If one wanted to understand why and what causes money to be the #1 cause (to understand the psychology behind money being the #1 cause), can you refer me to any articles, books etc. that can help me to understand why money/financials are the #1 cause of divorce.


People divorce for all sorts of reasons but they are never the root cause of the problems - they are merely symptoms of the root cause. There are three main things that couples argue and fall out about - money, sex and children. But the key to understanding why, is not addressing the symptoms but understanding and healing the root cause.

If you want to understand the real reason behind this, I have only found one book that get's to the root cause. It is a book by Dr Greg Baer called "Real Love - the truth about finding unconditional love and fulfilling relationships". You can buy it from his website - www.reallove.com

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If your decision to divorce is final, I cannot help you. However, if there is a slither or tiny question of doubt in your mind I urge you to stop - it is NEVER to late to reconsider divorce. If you never really understand what caused the divorce, you are likely to take your unhappiness into every future relationship. Discover the one true root cause of EVERY divorce - not the symptoms of the relationship - the root cause of the problem in the first place - and guaranteed it started the very first day you met. Find out the root cause of every divorce first and THEN decide if you still want to or whether you want to work at learning how to make a marriage really work. Guaranteed - the best marriage of often those that come back from the very brink of adversity.


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