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My family is moving to Mexico in a month. Yesterday I filed an uncontested divorce that I prepared. After filing and paying, they called the judges office for a court date. In Arkansas there is a 30 day waiting period. We assumed this would occur at the end of such. The date is set for August 5th because this court only hears uncontested cases on the 1,2or 3rd day of the month.
 Do you know of a petition or something I can file to also be absent from the courtroom to finalize this case.Written testamony? I told the person at the court my plight and they mentioned That I could file something, but I had to find out for myself or lawyer that I do not have or can afford. They wern't supposed to tell me what they did and I appreciate it. Any Ideas?

Hi Michael.

As I am not an attorney and am not familiar with Arkansas law and procedures, I am reticent to provide an answer. However, I suggest you try The site provides a forum with interaction with attorneys. Cool, huh?

Good luck to you, Michael!

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