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dear sir,

im from india.. age= 33.. single

still not yet intercourse with any girl>

1) my interests are Quran bible n book of Mormon, Communism

>> im very very economy person.>> i don't want to waste food and waste money as well as shopping.

>>.i do not like my lover or fiancee sex chatting with another person before or after marriage(even Indian girls are sex chatting)

kindly tell me whether my marriage will happen to me
whether it will be fruitful to me? im very strict to above said

im INDIAN TALIBAN but i could not able to go to IRAN or AFGANISTAN due to my conditions

Please forgive me for the delay in answering your letter.

You have a very wide range of interests, all spiritual and with highest ideals.

At the same time you have taken a path that is very far away from earthly pleasures.

i suspect your bible interests are more new testament than old.

You might want to look at the old testament more and especially the Song of Songs. That might expand your
understanding. Otherwise, you will also have difficulty with earthly love and it will be hard for you to  be with a woman
who actually likes sex, of who is willing to acknowledge that
to you or even to herself.

You like to live on a very small scale, except when it comes to grand ideals. You are very careful
with how you walk and what you think. So this is a very limited sensibility.
It is as if you walk in a forest and only see the tops of the trees,
or you walk in a garden and only see the flowers but do not see the roots.

It is difficult to know whether, under these conditions you can have a rich and fruitful marriage.

Possibly you can find a wife who is even more prudent and economy than you are.

On the other hand, since you represent an extreme, then you will have the problem, or challenge, or gift
of being with a woman who sees more than you do and whose heart is more open, far more open than yours.

In that case, you will either be willing to learn from her an to be lifted up spiritually by her,
or you will try to shut her down and limit her and then, you will both be unhappy.

That's is the best I can do for you.

Please feel free to respond.

Philip Alan Belove, Ed.D.  

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