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I have a friend who lives in Utah. Husband arrested for child molestation. It is a air tight case.  He is fighting the divorce, and she has found herself paying because of this.  I wondered since his guilt is not an issue why is she paying.  They have no children and they have a house that is heading into foreclosure. Any advice would be great.  Thank you for you time.

It's hard to know from this distance.
If you go to my web site there is an article called how to read someone else's intentions like a pro.
The basic advice is that it's aways a guess and the people good at it always have at least three theories
I'll give you two.

1. Sometimes child molesters are like little children in adult bodies and there is something sad and lost about them. So someone close to one could  feel protective, strangely enough. Like when a little kid does something terribly stupid and wrong.

2. Your friend is a deeply caring person and the husband is about to enter a real hell.  If he goes to prison he'll be tortured by the other prisoners. Everyone will hate  him. His life is over, really.  So she might feel sorry for him. or, being a nice person, and liking to think of herself as kind and caring, she is upset by the fact that now she wants to kill him and she can't deal with her rage. She's buying off her own guilt

3.  This one's for you.

Sad sad sad situation. Sorry.

Philip Alan Belove, Ed.D.  

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