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Is an individual's IRA safe from divorce? If a husband has a substantial IRA, can the wife from whom he is seeking a divorce lay claim to a portion of his IRA? The assets in the IRA have accumulated during the entire marriage. Both husband and wife are New Jersey residents. If you are unable to answer this question, can you suggest someone I could contact, as I do not know which state you live in. Thank you.

Dear Alan,
State laws do vary and I am not in New Jersey, but I can offer this.  If the marriage has lasted longer than 10 years, many states do treat IRAs similarly to pensions or SS.  IRAs can also be treated as equity, if they gain in value through the course of the marriage, and may be considered community property.  Most judges don't force an early withdrawal or penalty, but rather a payoff or eligibility at the time of collection.
I suggest you speak with the institution that holds the IRA, as well as an attorney in your state.
I wish you well.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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