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Hi I am seperated after a 24 year marriage. My husband wants me to go away quietly. In other words don't contest the divorce. He has a lawyer , I don't because I have no money. We already split property up except he has the camper which is in my name.  I haven't asked fur anything except keep me on his health insurance until I get a job and get my own. He agreed. But once we divorce I can no longer stay on it. But according to him I can. And I'm not talking cobra either. He did not stipulate in papers that he will continue coverage for me. I just need to take his word. Long story short, I told him I will have someone look at the divorce papers with me and he came unglued. He wants me to sign and send back. I'm not entitled to anything. He afraid if I seek help then it will cost him more money. I haven't worked , I can't find a job and living with my daughter. He will not help me what so ever. He lives in New Mexico and I'm now in Texas. My question is , being married as long as we been should I just walk away without a fight ? Doesn't 24 years mean anything ?

Hi Cheryl,

The question you have asked yourself is exactly the right question and how every you answer it, this is what you will live with for many years and so it is a wise question:
"My question is , being married as long as we been should I just walk away without a fight ? Doesn't 24 years mean anything ?"

What do you owe to yourself for your 24 years... and also what do you owe to your daughter?

Another question:  Do you trust him? My sense is that  you do not and if money were not an obstacle you would speak to an attorney.

Again, the way you handle this will set up the circumstances you will live with for the next 20 years, at least.  Do you owe that much to yourself to do a good job?

His "coming unglued"  is a strange reaction.  Seems to make a person more distrustful.

His insistence on cobra being available... when your research suggests it will not be... is more reason to be distrustful.

And also if you have not money... and the job market is terrible, why are you asking for nothing?

As you can see I am encouraging you to speak to an attorney. There are many women centers where some low cost legal advice is available. I do suggest you
have a professional read the agreement and give you an opinion.

All you owe him is fairness and honesty. Asking for a legal opinion for your side of the deal (did he have an attorney draw up the agreement?)  is fair and honest.

Also, when it's all done, you should give some thought to why you are reluctant to stand up for yourself... YOu might have good reasons and then you might not trust yourself.  

Good luck  

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