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I live in Minnesota and I am in the process of a divorce. I went to the mediation appointment an papers were sign. I have been trying to get my personal stuff off of my soon to be ex's premises but have been unable to do to the fact her attorney will not respond to my attorneys request to set a date an time. Now I am told she is giving my tools an stuff away. I contacted my attorney an he said I should have got my stuff sooner. I advised my attorney that he told me we had to arrange for a time to get my stuff through her attorney.My question is since she is not following the mediation decree does this void it an what legal action can I take? I am thinking of firing my attorney an hiring a new one. is this advisable?

You are certainly entitled to a second opinion from a second attorney.
Some people have several attorneys.
Find someone in town with a tough reputation and sometimes they'll give you the
initial hour, other times you have to pay,
depends on the value of your tools

good luck
terrible story
I'm sorry

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Divorce is the beginning of a life review process. For many people, it`is the first intentional decision they make about their lives. The transition into the next stage of life is difficult at first, but it gets easier. The questions I can help you with: What happened? How do I take care of our children? How do I get over my anger? How do I plan a future for myself?


I am Philip Belove, psychologist and coach. My specialty is helping people do their midlife transformation work, a psychological project that creates a foundation for happy and satisfying second half of life.

Midlife Work, because it involves so much careful attention to inner truth, is notoriously stressful on marriages and on dating relationships.

The challenges of the midlife project are echoed in the typical questions asked me as a dating-at-midlife expert:

?Learning to reconcile what you say with what you do. This challenge is echoed in questions like: Why does he say this when he does that? What is really happening?
?Learning to create your own dreams instead of being the victim of someone else's. This challenged is echoed in questions like these: How do I say that I don't want to xyz? I've been lying about some things and what should I do now?
?Learning to live a life that suits you. This challenge produces questions like Is what I'm doing normal? What if my kids think I'm crazy? How can I say that this is starting to bother me?

A person doing Midlife Transformation Work needs to develop 1) A Working Vision, 2) Skills and Strategies to realize that vision, and 3) External sources of support for the project. My role for people is to be part of the support system. I help people clarify their visions, develop the strategies and skills they need, and I help them review their progress.

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