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I've been going through a divorce for a few months now.  We did not go to court.  My ex is the one who hired an attorney.  I was in a very depressed stage living with my ex husband and having my two children all day; a three and four year old.  When I left my husband, I told him I needed him to keep our boys until I can find a stable place to live.  We decided to get the divorce over with as fast as possible, I ended up signing full custody over to him.  I guess I felt a little pressured to hurry up and get everything done and over with.  I didn't ask for anything from him, and he didn't ask for child support.  My main question is, since the papers are not final yet, would you know if I would be able to withdraw those papers and change the custody?  I want to at least make sure that there are certain days that I can have my kids.  My husband keeps saying that we will come to an agreement, but he keeps making excuses of why he doesn't want me to take the boys yet on certain days.

Dear Monique,

I am not an attorney so this is not legal advice, but a very serious recommendation.  If the divorce is not final, get an attorney as soon as possible.  If you've already signed papers, do not sign anymore.  Don't make any agreements with your husband until you speak with an attorney.

Child custody and support can be changed, even after the divorce, but it can be complicated and costly.  Motions of amendment can be filed, but time is of the essence and proper legal protocol is imperative.  I really think you need legal representation.

I wish you well.
Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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