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Divorce Issues/how to give court notice to reopen case?



I need help writing out a letter to the Court. My ex-wife is denying child contact. This has been going on now for 2 months. I go to contact center and she is denying contact with my child.

Can you please give me an example on how to word out a letter to court to state  I give 4 weeks notice to re-open this case again as the mother of my child is refusing child contact with my Daughter.

how can I word it please help.


You want to know ... and can learn... on what grounds she denies contact.

She has to have reasons.

In the U.S. that is how it works.  She has to present a case to the court justifying her refusal.

So the first letter you write simply says that she has denied you contact for the last two months
and there is no justification. Therefore you need the court to order to go back to the previous arrangement
or give solid reasons why she has changed things.

If you know her reasons then you have to address them demonstrate that they are
false or inadequate.

So initially you are writing the court for help. Be polite and respectful.

Honorable members of the Court of Justice.

My name is ....

I am writing to request assistance in gaining continuing contact with my dear daughter.

We were divorced/separated... on (date)

At that time my daughter and I had regular time together.
Her mother has refused to allow us to be together for two months now.


feel free to follow up

Philip Alan Belove, Ed.D.  

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