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Good morning! I reside in the state of Texas and I am married. However, although I am married, we have been separated for well over 15 years, I do not know his whereabouts and we have no relationship or communication whatsoever.

So, I want to purchase a home for my granddaughters, pay the mortgage myself, but put the house in their names. My questions are:

1. Will a mortgage company allow me to go forward in this manner even though Texas is a community property state and I don't plan to have the house in my name?
2. Being that I am still married, would they want my husband present at closing?
3. Would they want him on the Deed?

Dear Miss S.

Please forgive me, I hadn't become aware of your question until this evening.  I am not an attorney and I truly believe you need one for this situation.  House mortgages and home ownership usually involve all parties in a marriage.  I have seen situations that even involve ex spouses and new spouses, so it is a complicated matter.  It would be terrible for you to be locked into the mortgage alone on the loan and have him come in and claim half ownership on the deed.

I realize attorney's are not inexpensive, but in this case it would definitely be worth the peace of mind to properly navigate through the paperwork.

I wish you well.

Kind Regards,
KD Liz

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